Thank you to all who participated in another successful event!

2020 Awards


Men’s Division – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

1st - Conroy/Cotter/Marshall/Scott

2nd - Filtch/Filtch/Sexton/Sexton

3rd - Charbonneau/Corapi/Lewis/West


Mixed Division – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place


1st - Cariseo/Cariseo/Cariseo/Tynan

2nd - Driscoll/Driscoll/Driscoll/Fay

3rd - Carducci/Felice/Schmidt/Tapia

Women’s Division – 1st and 2nd place

1st - Crossett/Hart/Mulane/Wiese

2nd - Barney/Callahan/Hurley Scholl/Toohey

50/50 Winners:

Grey Under Armor Polo - Breaden Burns

Grey Callaway Polo - Dave Marshall

Golf Shoe Bag - Lorraine Barney

Portable Putter Set - Brett Charbonneau

White Polo Shirt - Aaron Roberts

Zip Up Grey Jacket - Gary Spillett

Small Umbrella - Gabby Mullane

Large Umbrella - Dick Stull

Yeti Glass - Mike Buda

Yeti Can Holder - Dan Lowery

Bluetooth Speaker - Avery Costello

Tile Finder - Michael LaCasse

iPhone Power Charger - Lauren Felice

Echo Dot - Deb Sniffen

Nylon Wind Breaker - Kyle Mullane

Blue Wind Breaker - John Butler

Hat - Kevin Conroy

Hat - Mike Acchione

Cooler - Carl Gildemeyer

Golf Balls - CJ Lozano

Golf Balls - Dustin DeMarco

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